Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Proxy Sites FREE

If you want to browse a Web site from a place where they do not allow you to open it, the best way to gain access to the site is through the help of a server Proxy. There are many sites that offer this service for free, and can break the proxy sites that enable you to open sites that have been blocked on the Internet in your country or in school and anywhere else without any difficulty.

These services can be very useful in your business or perhaps in school / college, if you have any other proxy site that does it better than listed below, please leave a link to the proxy site in the comments. We'll add it to this group. And now I leave you with these sites Proxy Sites 2013/2014

best proxy sites

1 - FREE proxy surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide internet history, and protect your identity online.

2 - every site you visit knows your IP address on the Internet for the computer to which you connect through it. With, you can use IP addresses to manage your identity on the Internet:> surf the Internet anonymously using public IP addresses.

3 - surf anonymously / or overcome the limits of the network at work, college or school. Is your favorite sites banned? Through you can browse it! Just type the address of the site was browsing through Start.

4 -: youtube unblocker is anonymous proxy service which allows anyone to surf the Internet safely. Unlike VPNs and other proxies, there is no complicated software to install.

5 - surf anonymously / or overcome the limits of the network at work, college or school. Is your favorite sites banned? Through londonproxy. You can browse it! Just type the address of the site was browsing through Start.

6 - school proxy: a NinjaCloak is anonymous proxy service on the Internet for free. With Ninjacloak you can browse the Web sites of your favorite unknown, and even from behind a firewall.

7 - unblock youtube: a helps hundreds of thousands of people a day to protect the privacy and identity on the Internet and give access to sites blocked since 2005. youtube Free Web proxy is the most reliable and the fastest in the internet.

8 - best proxy: proxy Web site is free helps you to hide your IP address, secure your internet connection. 4freeproxy also allows you to bypass any blocked sites in the workplace or school and anywhere else

Here are some other proxy sites

Are you a security 

To secure your computer you download antivirus and security software different because you thought you this way has become a safe, but you do not do anything to secure your identity on the Internet, when you access the Internet, the IP (ID online) your becoming available to all sites and can no site registration and identification data about you or your address personal and can exploit this information in a very bad damage to your or your family. So what's the solution?

What if you want access to the work site and not found

Often you need to examine your email us for the existence of an important message but we are surprised that we are at work sites and e-mail Kaljimil and Hotmail and Yahoo are all obscured also may need to lose Facebook account private or even entry was posted on YouTube or other sites we find democracy blocked unfortunately, this is already a problem.

Some of the solutions 

In fact, there are a lot of solutions, some costly effort and money For example, you can buy a program for proxy hides Your IP or you can buy a proxy-type socks 4 or socks 5 or even a proxy-type http, but these solutions are very expensive and there are many sites that can skip these programs and access to your real IP and here are located in the same problem above

The best solution

We here in the proxy Search offer you faster, better and easier solution to these problems as a proxy Search is the site of a proxy Free depends on servers U.S. and hides Your IP completely sites you visit and also what distinguishes easy handling, just enter the name of the site above in the space provided and press Go now

What is a proxy 

proxy English word, means the agent. The proxy servers act as a mediator between the participants at one of the companies providing Internet service, such as a T-Data in Egypt, and between sites on the global Internet network, or acts as a proxy for those involved in the request for information from those sites.

Or in a simplified manner: When you visit a site like, you are typing its name in the browser bar and then pressing the browser to connect directly to Active. But when you use our site whereupon you no proxy sites in the address bar shall your computer to connect to us and when browsing a site through a proxy, it will connect to it on your behalf and come back to your browser result, but this several benefits including hide your details from the sites you visit and also you can open the sites that overshadowed providers Service you have